CMC III Monitoring System

The CMC III monitoring system sets new standards with regard to simple assembly and configuration, reduced system complexity, and cost-effectiveness.

In order to be able to cover the wide range of potential applications in IT and industry, the CMC III monitoring system is available in two variants:

CMC III Processing Unit Compact The compact monitoring solution for applications in industry and building monitoring or for smaller IT projects with up to four additional CAN-Bus monitoring components.

CMC III Processing Unit The powerful, modularly extendible monitoring solution for demanding IT and industrial environments with the option of connecting up to 32 additional monitoring components.

The benefits to you with both variants
  • Minimal cabling work thanks to bus technology
  • Temperature and access sensor, digital inputs and relay output already integrated into the base unit
  • Sensors may be connected directly
  • Power supply either redundant via two PSUs, directly via 24 V DC with industrial applications, or with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Integral OPC server allows direct communication with the control room (BMS or SCADA system)
  • Fail-safeness, thanks to CAN-Bus technology. Even if the processing unit should fail, the sensors can still communicate with one another autonomously.

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