Dynamic Rack Control

Dynamic Rack Control brings genuine intelligence to the IT rack; after all, the control system “thinks” for itself. With its automatic inventory monitoring functionality, it is able to document the individual location assignments in the rack and thus the exact position of any given component in real-time.

If hardware components change, this is automatically detected and reported.

The objective of Dynamic Rack Control is to protect the IT infrastructure against losses of hardware and data. This is possible thanks to virtual allocation of the hardware built into the rack to infrastructure components such as climate control and power supply to the rack via external management systems. For example, if climate control problems arise in a given rack or suite of racks, it is possible to identify the affected server hardware at any time.

Your Rittal Beneļ¬ts
  • Automatic detection of the components in a rack
  • Independent server rack assignments
  • Real-time signalling of status changes
  • Precise position determination for each U in the rack
  • Integration into existing monitoring systems
  • Management of the electrical load and power losses of each component in the rack
  • Up-to-date information on cooling capacity and power supply reserves
  • Optional integration into the data centre management software RiZone Interfaces: SNMP, XML

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