UPS PMC 40 | 3-phase, output range scalable 10-40 kW

PMC 40 - compact, rack-independent UPS system (up to 40 kW, 3-phase) This uses “double conversion” UPS technology according to the highest classification VFI-SS-111, which provides a constant output irrespective of the incoming voltage, coupled with a high overall operating ratio and minimal space requirements. The PMC 40 may be configured as a redundant system. As a general principle, it is important to ensure adequate climate control of the rack where the PMC 40 is installed. For installation purposes, the rack must have two 482.6 mm (19˝) mounting levels and a minimum depth of 800 mm. Depending on the configuration, mixed population (e.g. with servers) in the same rack is also supported.

The PMC 40 (redundant design) has “safe swap” capabilities. This allows easy, safe module exchange while the system is operational, without having to switch the UPS to bypass mode.

Supply includes
A PMC 40 UPS system is comprised of a basic unit for 482.6 mm (19˝) installation. 1 – 2 UPS modules and, depending on the version, a maximum of two battery packs per UPS module may be integrated into this basic module. The configured complete system comes supplied with basic unit and UPS module(s). The battery packs are supplied separately.

UPS PMC 40 Type 5

  • Thanks to the double conversion technology (VFI-SS-111)the output voltage is independent from the input voltage and frequency
  • Efficient IGBT power transistor technology achieves a high operating ratio of 95% even in part-load operation
  • “Safe swap” compatibility with a redundant design, i.e. the module may be exchanged while operational
  • Every UPS module includes power electronics as well as the control unit including display
  • Installation, commissioning and servicing to be carried out by authorised experts only
Supply includes
  • UPS system in the TS 8 rack
  • Vented front and rear door
  • Fitted with UPS power modules (depending on configuration) and batteries
  • The batteries must only be installed at the point of assembly and are delivered separately
  • Only UPS modules with an identical output may be combined.
  • Technical information/ battery configurations
  • Available on the Internet
  • UPS Rack With Integral Power Modules And Batteries

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