LER Basic & Extend

Basic Protection And Extended Basic Protection

The security rooms LER Basic and LER Extend offer high-quality, system-tested solutions for the basic protection range. As basic and extended solutions, LER Basic and LER Extend are optimum technical rooms for the protection of infrastructure components such as extinguisher systems, uninterrupted power supply etc.

LER Basic
  • Basic protection for data centres or infrastructure solutions
  • Fire resistance over 90 minutes – F90 according to the limits of EN 1363
  • Dust- and water-tight to IP 56 to EN 60529
  • Protection against external access – Resistance category WK 2, optionally WK 3 based on EN 1627
  • EMC protection
  • Acrid gas-tightness based on EN 1634-3
  • Shock test with 3,000 Nm energy
LER Extend
  • Extended basic protection for data centres based on the LER Basic
  • Fire resistance testing over 90 minutes – F90, according to the limits of EN 1363 plus compliance with the limits of ECB·S requirements pursuant to EN 1047-2 over 30 minutes
Fully System-tested

All Rittal security systems are system-tested. System-tested products are tested as a complete structure, taking into account the interactions between all components. During testing, allowance is made for built-in modules such as doors, cable shielding systems and ventilation units.

Benefit from multifunctional risk coverage (fi re, water, burglary etc.) and compliance with the latest EN and DIN standards.

Did you know?

Rittal is a world leading single source provider for all IT Infrastructre and Data Centre Solutions.

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